Our International Standards Facilities

Modular Operation Theatre :

In “Syamala Hospitals” modular operating theater satisfying those conditions consists of wall, ceiling and slanted panels, and is capable of incorporating not only electrical equipment, medical facility and lighting gears but all the required functions and equipment’s at need. Additionally , the modular theater features a high availability of extension providing for the introduction of latest facility within the future, establishing additionally an operating environment with high workability and enough function.

Intensive care unit (ICU) :

“Syamala Hospital” is provided intensive care by multi professional teams of highly experienced and professional physicians, nurses, respiratory care technicians, pharmacists and other allied health professionals who use their unique expertise, ability to interpret important therapeutic information, access to highly sophisticated equipment and therefore the services of support personnel to produce care that results in the most effective outcome for the patient.

Ventilator :

A ventilator helps get oxygen into the lungs of the patient and removes carbon dioxide . It’s used always support, but doesn’t treat disease or medical conditions. “Syamala Hospitals” medical team that closely monitors patients on a ventilator includes: doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, X-ray technicians, and more.

Laparoscopy :

Laparoscopy may be a sort of diagnostic surgery that your healthcare provider can use to seem inside your body at your abdominal and reproductive organs. This procedure also can be wont to collect samples of tissue (biopsies) for testing. The laparoscope may additionally be equipped with surgical devices for taking tissue samples or removing connective tissue.

Your provider may additionally make a second incision at the pubic hairline. This incision provides a further opening for instruments needed for completing minor surgical procedures.

Hysteroscopy :

Hysteroscopy is that the exam of the within of the cervix and uterus using a thin, lighted, flexible tube called a hysteroscope. Your healthcare provider inserts the device through the vagina. Although there are many benefits related to hysteroscopy, it’s going to not be appropriate for a few patients. Our doctor who specializes in this procedure will consult your medical care physician to see whether it’s appropriate for you.

Colposcopy :

A colposcopy (kol-POS-kuh-pee) may be a method of examining the cervix, vagina, and vulva with a medical instrument called a colposcope. Having a colposcopy is usually painless, but having a cervical biopsy may cause cramping, discomfort, bleeding, and pain in some women.
Our doctor may suggest you’re taking a pain reliever half-hour before the procedure. Also, the doctor may numb the cervix before the biopsy. Speak to your doctor about the most effective plan of action.

Ultra sound :

An ultrasound scan may be a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the within of your body. It’s also referred to as sonography. most of the people associate ultrasound scans with pregnancy. These scans can provide an expectant mother with the primary view of her unborn child. However, the test has many other uses.
Doctor may order an ultrasound if you’re having pain, swelling, or other symptoms that require an inside view of your organs.

Infertility :

Infertility is defined as not having the ability to urge pregnant after one year of unprotected sex.  Women with infertility should consider making an appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist—a doctor who specializes in managing infertility. Reproductive endocrinologists can also be ready to help women with recurrent pregnancy loss, defined as having two or more spontaneous miscarriages.

Surgical Gastroenterology :

Surgical Gastroenterology provides service to patients with complicated diseases of pancreas, biliary tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver and spleen. The department is provided with state-of-art operation theatres, and supported by critical care ICUs equipped with latest monitoring and excellent preoperative and post operative medical care by well trained nurses.

Fetal Medicine :

Fetal medicine covers a broad spectrum of conditions which will be diagnosed before birth. Different disorders would require different treatment strategies and there’s often a very important ontogenetic aspect on how and when treatment are often implemented. Our physicians are board certified in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine, which suggests we are trained to supply the absolute best care during high-risk pregnancies. we’ve expertise in handling a good kind of pregnancy complications because of pre-existing maternal medical conditions or obstetrical issues.