Laparoscopy could be a kind of diagnostic surgical treatment that your healthcare provider can use to seem inside your body at your abdominal and reproductive organs. This procedure also can be wont to collect samples of tissue (biopsies) for testing. A laparoscope — a skinny tube almost like a telescope — is skilled alittle incision (cut) in your abdomen.

Using the laparoscope, your provider can look directly at the skin of your:

  • Uterus
  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Gallbladder
  • Spleen
  • Stomach

Process of  laparoscopy :


 A laparoscopy is completed while you’re lying down during a slightly tilted position, along with your head below your feet. You’ll tend a general anaesthetic to relax your muscles and stop pain during surgery.

Next, alittle incision is formed near the navel. The laparoscope is inserted through this incision. Your abdomen is inflated to form the organs easier to look at . The laparoscope may additionally be equipped with surgical devices for taking tissue samples or removing connective tissue .

Your provider may additionally make a second incision at the pubic hairline. This incision provides a further opening for instruments needed for completing minor surgical procedures.

After surgery, you’ll usually stay during a hospital room for about one hour. Then you may be taken to an outpatient surgery unit for continued observation.

You will be discharged after you receive instructions for your home recovery. In most cases, you’ll leave the hospital about four hours after laparoscopy. It’s rare that a patient will got to stay within the hospital overnight after this procedure.

You’ll be asked to return to your healthcare provider’s office for follow-up appointments within two to eight weeks of your laparoscopy. Please confirm your follow-up appointment schedule along with your provider before leaving the hospital.

One important thing to notice before getting into for surgery is that you simply won’t be ready to drive for twenty-four hours after surgery. confirm you’ve got someone available to select you and stick with you for those first 24 hours.