The department of Surgical Gastroenterology deals with the clinical problems of the gastrointestinal tract that require surgical intervention. The department is supported by skilled surgeons, who have specialized within the latest surgical techniques and clinical practices to deliver best results to the patients.

“Syamala hospitals” , provides a multidisciplinary approach to surgical gastroenterology. our surgeons possesses extremely competent skills across all kinds of surgical operation with conventional and advanced laparoscopy methods for patients who require abdominal operations.

Syamala Hospitals providing the standard of care in surgical gastroenterology which is affordable to everyone. The coordination of this department helps in providing multidisciplinary care to the patient and patient-oriented, evidence-based care.

The Department of Surgical Gastroenterology provides service to patients with complicated diseases of pancreas, biliary tract, digestive tract, liver and spleen. The department is provided with state-of-art operation theatres, and supported by critical care ICUs equipped with latest monitoring and excellent preoperative and post operative medical care by well trained nurses. Department has expertise in performing both open and laparoscopic GI procedures.

In “Syamala Hospitals” every department has around the clock availability of senior experts thus ensuring timely intervention when it’s required.